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The Vermont Hockey Training Center is a 6,000+ square foot training facility conveniently  located just of I-89 exit 16 in Winooski, 

The VHTC is a state-of-the-art training facility that provides the very best in both general athletic development and hockey specific training. The VHTC combines advanced training methods and specialized training equipment to provide superior training that pushes players outside of their comfort zone and closer to their full potential! 



  • 1,000+ Square foot Synthetic Ice Training Rink 
  • 1,500+ Square foot Dryland Shooting/Skills Area 
  • 25 Yard Turf Strip 
  • Strength and Conditioning Area 
  • Keiser Performance Equipment 
    • Squat Machine
    • Runner
    • Functional Trainer 
    • 2 Performance Trainers 
  • Hockey Specific Equipment 
    • Russian Box
    • Slideboards
    • Powerskaters 
  • 20 player video classroom with 70 inch TV 
  • Comfortable Lobby with Wi-Fi for families