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Game Performance Video Analysis



4 Step Analysis/Development Process


Step #1 - Game Performance Analysis 

First we will track every offensive and defensive play in all 3 zones. All plays will be identified as either: 

  Positive- Best play made based on available options 
  Negative- Poor play made based on available options 

The player will receive video clips with voice narration and illustrations to display what skills, tactics and/or habits that could be utilized in order to make a more effective play. 

Step #2 - Area of Focus 

Based on statistical analysis, player's position, and player's assets (strengths), we will select two areas of development focus that will allow that player to reach their next level of performance. 

Step #3 - Personalized Development Plan 

Each analysis will build a personalized development plan that includes the skills, tactics and habits needed to train in order to become a more effective player in the targeted area of development. The plan is personalized and formulated based on the players biggest assets to leverage to gain a competitive advantage in the specific game area. 

Step #4 - On-Ice Training

Lastly, the player will be assigned two drills per area of development to either do on their own or in semi-private/private sessions (additional cost) with Leonard Hockey Performance. 

Step # 5 - Transfer Analysis - *Silver and Gold Analysis Plans Only* 

After the game #1 analysis, each new game will provide an additional transfer analysis - video review and statistical evidence of how well the player incorporated their development plan into their performance. From there, we will determine does that specific area need a new level of development or does a new area need to be targeted to allow for that player to take the next step in their development. 

*The multi-game analysis packages starts with one game and then allows 3-6 weeks for the player to transfer the assigned skills/tactics/habits into their performance. Then a new game will be submitted to be analyzed of a performance at least 3 weeks after the initial game performance was returned to the player. 

Next Level Performance Program

Game Video Analysis and Personalized Development Plan

All players are unique and must have personalized development plans to have a chance of reaching their full potential. There is a time and place for generic skill development ie powerskating, shooting, stickhandling but this type of "skill" training only can take a player so far. 

The most effective development comes from training that incorporates the skating, the stick skills and tactics, specific to recurring game situations for that particular player that incorporates that player’s biggest assets to help that player achieve their "next level" of performance. 

Additionally, and most importantly, we have researched and studied world class players to make sure the specific skills, tactics and habits that we assign to our players, correlates to the highest level and are what separates the top players in the world from the rest. 

After years of research, studying top players in the world, collaborating with the best development coaches, Leonard Hockey Performance is very excited to launch it's new Next Level Performance - Video Analysis + Player Development Programs to it's players. 

Game Performance Analysis

Voice over narrative, illustrations, and slow motion allow to provide players with exact details of plays made in the two areas of focus for that game analysis. 

Concepts Taught in Video Analysis Report 
-Skills needed to be more effective in specific situation
-Learning to leverage your assets in the specific situation
-Reading pressure 
-Manipulating pressure's skates/stick with elite tactics to create openings, time and/or space
-Reading open teammates
-Learning habits that will provide better vision/awareness
-Making plays inside the dots 
-Creating additional time and space
-Learning from non optimal plays 
-Learn options that are more effective 
-How to use similar skills/tactics in other situations


Development Focus #1 - Puck Retrievals 

Skills Tactics Habits
Separation of Lower Body and Upper Body – Ability to skate full speed and turn head to shoulder check  Weight Shift prior to picking up puck as well as using as fake passes  Shoulder Check
Improve technique of Weight Shifts, Jab Steps, Swivel Turns  Jab step or swivel turn prior to picking up puck Deception to create space from initial pressure, with final movement towards area with space or best available option (teammate)
Advanced Passing Techniques – no look passing, moving one direction passing a different direction, slip passes  Manipulate the forcheckers skates and stick position  If no immediate pressure, turning up ice to gain vision and keep speed and create options
Acceleration/Agility with puck Head up, vision, looking off options knowing that you will either skate or move the puck to a different option – think like a QB not telegraphing your intentions Once initial pressure has been stalled or eliminated, skating with head up, constantly surveying/reading passing options, skating space, and new pressure